Keeping Your Elevator Moving With Proper Maintenance

Posted on: 24 June 2020

Elevators are beneficial and a significant convenience in buildings with multiple levels, but elevator maintenance is the best way to make sure they are operating correctly is essential. The majority of the time, the elevator will not need a lot of work to keep it running, but there are some things you should keep in mind if you are going to have elevators in your building.

Elevator Inspections

One of the most critical parts of the elevator maintenance in your building is the inspection process. Without a proper inspection, it is hard to know what parts need repair. Elevator inspections are a regular part of the elevator maintenance and are required by law in every state in the United States. 

The timing of the elevator inspections may be different from one jurisdiction to another. In most states, the inspection needs to be completed monthly with an annual or bi-annual certification of the elevator. The elevator mechanic's monthly inspection can be completed when they are performing regular elevator maintenance, but the certification needs to be completed by an inspector from the state.

Elevator Systems Requiring Maintenance

Elevators are complex, and elevator maintenance can include many different things, but the drive system or motor, the cables, the passive braking system, and the elevator rails should all be part of the regular maintenance. The car rides up and down in the shaft on the elevator rails, so they need to be properly lubricated and clean.

The drive system should also be checked during elevator maintenance. This includes the cables that raise and lower the car, the electric motor that does the actual lifting of the car, and the brakes that hold the car if there is a failure of some other part of the system. 

The elevator maintenance company or tech will go over the entire system and let you know if there is anything that needs immediate attention. The system is built to be durable and dependable with cables that will last ten to fifteen years and motors that can far outlive the cables. 

Contracting a Maintenace Company

Large buildings sometimes have multiple elevators, and the maintenance on each need to be completed on time. Because of the amount of work involved in maintaining the systems, it can be more cost-effective to hire an elevator maintenance company to come and service the lifts for you. 

Finding a company to service your elevators is not tricky, but it is crucial to ensure that the company is certified to maintain and inspect the lifts and their parts so that you meet all state and local laws regarding elevator maintenance, repair, and inspection.