Six Things Masonry Retaining Walls Can Do For Your Landscaping

Posted on: 13 July 2020

If you're looking for ways to enhance the landscaping around your home, you should consider the benefits of adding masonry retaining walls. Masonry retaining walls provide both functional and aesthetic benefits to any property's landscaping.

The following are the six most beneficial things masonry retaining walls can do for your landscape. 

Improve appearances

Masonry retaining walls are a beautiful accent to any landscape. Masonry walls are versatile and attractive as landscape elements. There are many different masonry design and color options to choose from. You can also choose from a few different materials for the masonry of your retaining walls. 

You can choose the material option that best matches the look and feel of your existing landscape. Four of the main options when it comes to masonry wall materials are brick, stone, stone veneer, and plastered or veneered concrete. 

Deal with runoff

Masonry retaining walls might be a good solution if you have a problem with managing runoff in your landscaping. A masonry wall can be designed to help channel water away from your foundation and toward drainage features of your landscape. This can prevent both foundation damage and pooling water on your lawn. 

Make landscape maintenance more simple

Once a masonry retaining wall has been constructed, it requires little to no maintenance. Masonry walls are therefore a landscaping feature that requires much less maintenance than other standard landscaping features like flower beds and shrubbery.

A beautiful masonry wall is a great way to improve the appearance of your landscaping without increasing the amount of maintenance work you need to keep up with. 

Reduce erosion

Erosion is a persistent problem in many landscapes. Retaining walls are often the ideal solution. Because they provide support, retaining walls can prevent soil from being washed away. This will make it easier for you to maintain other landscape features involving soil and vegetation. 

Give variety to your landscaping features

If your landscape feels monotonous and empty, a masonry wall can be a great feature to add for variety and contrast. It can also fill in empty space and make a landscape more visually dynamic and stimulating. 

Provide structure and open space in your landscape

Masonry retaining walls are great features if your goal is to provide more structure and form to your landscape. These walls are perfect for delineating flower beds or adding flat space in a hilly landscape.

You can use a masonry wall to get rid of a slope. This could allow you to achieve a more open and flat living space in your landscape.  

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