Limit Access Drilling Techniques To Get To The Water On Your Property

Posted on: 8 October 2020

If you need to have a water well drilled, getting to the water is not always the easiest task. You may need to have special drilling services come in to drill your new water well. This specialized service is called limited access drilling, and there are a few things that you will want to know before you begin drilling. The following limited access drilling information will help you prepare to have your new water well drilled:

Ensure equipment can reach drill sites—The first thing you need to work out for limited access drilling is getting access to the drill site. If your property is undeveloped and the site is on forested land, work with your drilling contractor to have access roads cut in through trees and brush. The access can also be used later for property management and other needs that you may have, such as maintaining and repairing the well equipment that is installed.

Barge drill rigs that float over water and soft soil—One of the major reasons you need to use limited access drilling is when you're installing a well over soft soils and high water tables. For these situations, barge drilling rigs are used. These drilling rigs float on the surface of shallow water or soft soils so that the drilling can easily be done. The floating barge systems give the drilling rig a solid, level surface to begin drilling your new well.

Modular rigs that can drill in different situations—There are also modular rigs, which can be used to drill wells in areas that are difficult to reach with normal rigs, trucks, and equipment. These drilling rigs can be broken down into smaller pieces, which can allow them to be carried to a drilling site that is hard to reach. The modular systems also allow for different drilling techniques to be used to ensure that you find water, and the well provides your property with the resources you need.

Hiring an experienced drill service to set up the well—Getting the drilling equipment to the site is just one step in the challenge of getting your water well set up. In addition to the drilling, specialized equipment will need to be installed to ensure your water well is operational. Talk to your drilling contractor about the geography of the land where you need drilling to be and the equipment that will be used to drill the new well.

Limited access drilling may be the right solution to get the water well finished for your property's needs. Call a limited access drilling service for help.