Efficiently Managing Your Excavation Project

Posted on: 15 October 2020

Excavation work can be extremely common for landscaping and construction projects. When you are needing to have land excavation work done, it can be wise to seek out a professional service for this type of work so that you can avoid potentially major problems throughout the course of this project.

Damaging Utility Lines

When you are having excavation work done to the home, it is possible for there to be buried utility lines on the property. These lines can be easily damaged while the digging takes place. To avoid this, you will want to have the utility lines marked. However, interpreting these markings can be rather confusing for those that have not done it before, and this could make it easy for them to misjudge where the line is buried. A professional excavation service will be able to interpret the markings that the utility company will make so that they know exactly where the underground line is located.

Encountering Large Rocks

During the dig, it is possible to encounter large rocks that may be too dense and large for your equipment to handle. If you were to encounter this problem, your entire project could come to a halt, as you may lack the ability to break up or move the rock. Furthermore, if you are able to break apart the rock, disposing of it can be a challenge as it may be extremely heavy. A professional land excavating service will have the tools to both break apart these rocks so that they can be easier to move, as well as vehicles that will be able to transport these rocks away. Due to the fact that it can be impossible to know whether you will encounter one of these obstructions ahead of time, it is usually best to hire a professional excavation service from the start.

Causing Excessive Landscaping Damage

Depending on the scope of your landscaping project, you may only need a relatively small area to be dug. A common example of this can be when underground pipes or cables are being installed. In these situations, you will want to avoid causing unnecessary damage to the surrounding landscaping while still making a trench that can accommodate the piping or cabling that you need to be installed. For property owners with this need, there are excavation services that can provide horizontal boring or trenching services that will allow you to minimize the landscaping disruptions that occur as a result of your excavation project.

If you're considering a land excavating project on your property and want some help, consider reaching out to a local expert to help you get started.