Rollout Vs. Static Racks

Posted on: 20 October 2020

Adding new storage racks to your facility can be such a relief. Instead of crowded shelves, you now have more room for all your supplies and products. Whether the shelves are rollout or static, however, can really make a difference. Rollout shelves have surfaces that pull out on rollers while static shelves are your everyday plain shelves that just sit there. Both have their place in a storage facility, but it helps to find the one that's best for what you need right now.

You'll Need to Secure the Shelves in Quake Zones

Both types of shelves need to be secured to the wall or floor, but in an earthquake-prone zone, that becomes even more important -- and it affects rollout shelves even more. You'll have to ensure that the shelves that roll out can't do so if there's shaking from a quake. Shelves where the rolling surfaces freely move in and out with no restraints may not be the best models for these areas; you'd want static shelves or rolling shelves that have some way to clip the rolling surfaces to the rest of the shelves so they don't suddenly roll out if there is shaking.

Remember the Rollers Will Need Extra Maintenance

The rollers on rollout shelves will need extra maintenance to ensure the rolling motion is smooth. The rollers can become jammed with dust or start to corrode if the facility is very humid. If the environment is very dry, any roller parts made of rubber or plastic could dry out, too. If you can handle the extra maintenance -- it's not a lot, just tasks that need to be done regularly -- then rollout shelves would be fine. Otherwise, static storage racks would be better.

It Might Be Harder to Reach the Stuff in Back on Static Shelves

Rollout shelves do have a big benefit: You can reach the stuff at the back of each shelf more easily. If all you have are large items that are easy to grasp and pull off the shelf, then it doesn't matter if you get rollout or static shelves. If you have a lot of smaller items, however, then rollout shelves are better -- they'll reduce the frustration people can feel when they try to reach way back to grab a small item.

You can start by adding a few new racks and seeing if those models work well for you. Add more as needed, changing models as you see fit. The added storage racks will make work in the facility a lot easier.