Landscaping Ideas For Your New Patio

Posted on: 29 December 2020

If you've just installed a new patio, you may want to have your backyard landscaped so you have an attractive view. If you have a hard time coming up with ideas, you could consult a landscape design service for help. You can even have a landscaping service install the plants, trees, and other features that you like. Here are some ways you might make your backyard more attractive with landscaping.

Add Border Plants

A border of plants and mulch around the sides of your patio gives your patio a tidy appearance, and the plants also provide beauty and something interesting to view. You might even put in plants known to repel mosquitoes and other bugs.

Put In A Rock Garden

If you don't want the bother of maintaining live plants, then think about putting in a rock garden. Rock gardens can be beautiful when you use different sizes of rocks or rocks of different colors. You might also want to add a water feature so water can flow over part of the rocks and lull you with a soothing sound.

Include A Walkway

You'll want to leave at least one side of your patio open so you have easy access to your yard. A walkway can add beauty to your landscape too. You might want a walkway made of attractive bluestone or flagstone, but you could use pavers or even pea gravel.

A curved or winding walkway adds visual appeal, and you could have it lead to a fire pit or a seating area that's surrounded by a butterfly garden or other pretty plants. Things like walkways are called hardscapes, and a landscape designer can add these to your yard to make your yard functional while adding a bit of glamour.

Add Trees And Landscaping Plants To The Yard

You don't need to put all the plants close to the patio. A landscaping service can choose trees and plants for your backyard that add color and beauty. A mix of colors and a variety of plants could give you a relaxing view while you lounge on your patio and provide an attractive backdrop when you entertain.

Consider Benefits That Landscaping Provides

Backyard plants and trees are not only pretty, they can also provide privacy for your patio. They could even muffle sound from your neighbors. However, to get the best effect, you have to know what plants and trees to choose and where to place them. A landscape design service is a big help when choosing the right plants for your yard so your yard looks pretty, provides the benefits you want, and is also easy to maintain.

For more information, contact a landscaping service today.