5 Tips For Renovating An Aluminum Travel Trailer

Posted on: 19 January 2021

From the Van Life movement to the many YouTubers trading in their brick-and-stick homes for a travel trailer, the shift toward nomadic life is very real in the modern world. The allure of living a life free of deadlines, time clocks, and a lawn to mow is drawing many new people to the road. And, the interest in securing an aluminum travel trailer to support the dream is ever-growing.

If you are also eyeballing a life on the road in your own travel trailer, renovations with a travel trailer renovation company may be in your future. Here are a few good tips to think about as you prepare to get your life going out on the open road in an aluminum travel trailer. 

1. Pin down what you know you need in your home for the road. 

How much headspace do you need? Will you need room to sleep for four people? Five? Just two? What about kitchen features? These are all things to consider before talking with a renovation company about what you want to change, upgrade, or redo in your travel trailer. The more details you have pinned down in advance, the smoother the process of renovation can go. 

2. Start looking for used RV appliances. 

RV appliances, which are a must to keep your travel trailer lightweight, can be an expensive investment. If the appliances in the used travel trailer you intend to buy have to be replaced, it is a good idea to start looking for used units. 

3. Consider how much storage you are actually going to need.

Are you completely committing to life on the road and getting rid of everything? Or, will you be renting a storage unit for a lot of your stuff and not need a great deal of storage? Maybe you are only intending short trips. Perhaps you will spend your full life out in your aluminum trailer. Think about what your choices will mean as far as storage needs are concerned. These are things you will want to discuss with the design team before renovations begin. 

4. Think about that trademark aluminum exterior and if you want to keep it. 

The aluminum exterior of a travel trailer is often a trademark element. If you want to keep that trademark outer appearance, there is no real reason to change it. However, some owners do prefer to tone down the shiny finish by having the trailer painted. 

For more information about working with a renovation company on your travel trailer, like an Airstream renovation company, contact a local professional.