3 Garage Door Trouble Signs That You Should Look For

Posted on: 19 February 2021

Garages with strong doors provide a secure place to keep cars and other types of equipment, including lawn mowing machines, seasonal sports equipment, and fishing equipment. With proper maintenance, these garage doors can work reliably for a long time. 

As the years pass by, garage doors suffer general wear and tear of parts that will lead to problems down the line. As a homeowner, you should constantly watch out for signs of trouble with your garage door so you can take remedial action when the need arises.

Highlighted below are some common signs that may indicate your garage door needs repair service.

Strange or Excessive Noise When Operating the Door

A normally functioning garage door will have a smooth and quiet operation. If you start hearing loud or strange noise when you're opening or closing your garage door, this is an indication that the door isn't working properly. 

Different things can lead to noisy garage door operations. For example, squeaking or grinding noise is usually an indication that the moving parts of your door such as the rollers and hinges may need to be lubricated. Rattling or screeching sounds during opening or closing may be an indication that your rollers have come off the track. Excessive chain noise as the door opens and closes may point to motor malfunction.

Proper diagnosis of garage door noises is essential to ensure effective repair of the underlying issues. 

Water Pooling on Your Garage Floor

Along the bottom of your garage door is a waterproofing seal that is designed to protect your garage from rain. This weatherstripping material is meant to seal the gaps that exist between the bottom section of the door and the pavement leading into your garage when the door is shut. 

If you open your garage door and see water pooling on the floors after a storm, this is an indication that the bottom seal of your garage is hanging loose or is worn out and will need to be replaced. 

Your Garage Door Sticks During Opening or Closing

A jamming garage door is an indication of problems with the door's operating mechanism. There are several factors that could cause your garage door to become stuck half-way during its operation, but the problem is almost invariably caused by the existence of obstructions in the path that the door travels. 

While you can certainly perform repairs on your garage door if you have the right skills and tools, garage door repair jobs should be left to the experts because they can handle any unforeseen issues that may arise on the job.

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