Effective Steps To Take When Trying To Repair Septic Tank Drainfield Issues

Posted on: 31 March 2021

There are contaminants found in your septic tank, but they can be removed by the septic tank drainfield. If you have one of these fields on your property and run into issues, go through these steps when looking for a septic tank drainfield repair solution.

Review Educational Resources

You can have a pretty good understanding of why your drainfield isn't working like it used to by reviewing educational resources online. They exist in many forms, including step-by-step instructional guides, interactive videos, and common questions answered by septic tank repair specialists.

Looking at these educational resources is a good start for figuring out where in the drainfield the problem is and determining how big of a problem it is. Then you'll know if you can do something about the repair or if a professional has to come out and provide a thorough inspection on every major system corresponding to the drainfield.

Have Professionals Handle Soil Compaction

One problem you want to let professionals handle regarding drainfields is soil compaction. When this happens, water won't be able to drain that effectively around the drainfield. You can spot this problem pretty easily, but let a professional help you address it so that you don't do any damage to the drainfield's components.

They'll know how your particular drainfield is laid out and will have the right equipment to get the soil fixed. Don't worry if you see a lot of your landscaping around the drainfield getting worked over. This sometimes needs to happen so that soil compaction is addressed and prevented from happening frequently in the future. 

Be Smart About Avoiding Future Issues

Whatever the reason is that your drainfield isn't working great anymore, there are some benefits in the problem occurring. Predominantly, it gives you a chance to learn from past mistakes that may have occurred.

For example, maybe you parked your vehicle too close to the drainfield and damaged one of the pipes. Or maybe you didn't respond in time to glaring red flags. You want to acknowledge these mistakes so that going forward, you can do the right things with this component of your septic system. 

Owning a septic system means taking care of the tank, but you also need to do the right things with the drainfield. You can't always avoid problems, but you can greatly affect how they're handled. You'll just need to be active in this part of owning a septic system.