Residential Chimney Repair: 4 Signs Your Chimney Needs Repair

Posted on: 20 May 2021

For most people, the chimney is a dispensable part of their house, so they take it for granted. The truth is, the chimney is just as important as any other part of your house, and so you ought to pay as much attention to it as possible. Does your chimney need any repairs? Here are some signs to look out for.


A faulty chimney could have a white discoloration referred to as efflorescence. While most people would suggest just giving the chimney a cleaning, this step does not solve the root issue. Usually, the white residue results from moisture problems. If there is excessive moisture in the chimney masonry, efflorescence is bound to occur. The problem, if left unattended, causes the chimney to deteriorate prematurely. Also, other moisture-related problems could occur.


Normally, the damper or firebox should be devoid of any rust. However, if there is rust, this is an indication of excessive moisture in your chimney. The fact that the moisture content could cause rusting is an indication that the damages could be serious, for instance, cracked flue tiles. To solve this problem, professional chimney sweep services should be sought. Chimney sweep professionals inspect the flue lining using a special camera. This way, they can identify any breaches in the chimney system and prevent potential house fires.

Damaged Mortar Joints

It is important to regularly check for any deteriorated mortar joints between the chimney masonry and carry out prompt repairs. This is because, upon the deterioration of the mortar, there is increased exposure of the masonry to moisture. Consequently, the risk of the entire chimney getting damaged increases. For instance, during winter, the additional moisture may get lodged in the masonry cracks. Upon thawing and freezing, the moisture could result in the formation of even larger cracks. Left unrepaired, the whole chimney could collapse.


You may begin to notice chips of chimney tiles in your fireplace — an indication of damages to the flue. For your chimney to operate safely, a flue lining in good working condition is essential. Therefore, it wouldn't hurt to inspect the flue lining annually. One way of detecting problems in this part of your chimney is doing chimney sweeps. This way, you'll notice early if there are some cracks in the tiles.

Spalling and damage to the chimney crown and wallpaper may also be signs of a faulty chimney. The earlier these faults are detected, the better your chances of salvaging the situation through expert residential chimney repair services.