The 2 Fundamental Elements Of A House Blueprint Design Plan

Posted on: 10 September 2021

Construction teams take on an immense responsibility when building homes. Every decision made throughout the home design and development process will have a significant and direct impact on the safety and security of the residents that will live there. For that reason, the home design process must involve the consideration of many variables. Homes must be long-lasting, well-insulated, stable, and secure. To ensure these requirements are met, construction teams must create a precise and actionable building plan. Design blueprints allow contractors to plan and visualize the intended layout and functionality of the home. Without such a plan, construction projects can run into both functional and legal issues. A complete home design blueprint plan includes several types of blueprints. Each element of the plan has its own uses and benefits that can be applied to design your own house blueprints. To help you get started, here are the 2 fundamental elements of a house blueprint design plan.

Floor Plan

The floor plan is probably the first thing that people think of when designing a home. The floor plan features a top-down view of the exterior and interior walls of a home. This allows contractors to visualize the layout of a home's various rooms. Floor plans must include drawings and descriptions that designate the locations and dimensions of doors, windows, walls, stairs, flooring, ceilings, baths, sinks, cabinets, appliances, electrical fittings, lights, outlets, plumbing, and more. Essentially, floor plans should include each built-in element of a particular floor of a home. Each floor of the home requires a separate floor plan.

Elevations Plan

Elevations offer a side view of various aspects of the home are divided between exterior and interior elevations. Exterior elevations show a detailed view of the front, back, left, and right sides of a home as it would appear when being viewed from the outside, allowing contractors to get a detailed visual of how the home should look from the outside when complete. Exterior elevations blueprints also show the size and shape of doors, windows, trim, roof, and more. Essentially, each built-in element of the home that is visible on the exterior is shown and described in the exterior elevations plan. Interior elevations blueprints offer a detailed view of internal fixtures and show the locations, dimensions, and designs of baths, sinks, cabinets, appliances, fireplaces, bookshelf, and any other noteworthy built-in internal features.


Floor plans and elevations are fundamental elements of a house blueprint design plan. Now you know how these crucial blueprints can help facilitate the design of any home.