What You Need to Know Before Getting a Fireplace Installation

Posted on: 21 October 2021

Glass fireplaces are the new trend in fireplaces. People are choosing a heat-proof glass surface instead of stone or marble. Since the invention of heat-resistant glass, they have become extremely strong and resistant to high temperatures, which makes them an appealing option for homes with a modern, elegant design. Thus, you might want to keep reading about incredible glass fireplaces for your home:

Installing a Glass Fireplace

Glass fireplaces are unique features that give you many different options to add modern, elegant designs to your home. There are various steps in the process of installing a new rectangular glass fireplace, including measuring, choosing the model, installing flue pipes, installing the glass, and completing the hearth and surround.

The basic fireplace installation might take a couple of days from measuring to the installation. If you add more features or want to make additional changes, the project could take a little longer, depending on the amount of work needed.

Glass Fireplace Accessories 

A glass fireplace can be quite the statement piece in any home. It's attractive, easy to clean, and can provide warm and inviting lighting for your interior, but it also needs some accessories. Some of the accessories to consider adding to your glass fireplace installation include:

  • Grates—The freestanding metal frames inside the fireplace allow air to circulate for a fire to burn efficiently. Sometimes, they are decorative features for glass fireplaces.
  • Backplates—A large metal plate that is designed to go in the back of the fireplace to help reflect heat into the interior space.
  • Fire Toolsets—Kits with the tools needed to tend to fires and keep the fireplace clean.
  • Fireplace Logs—Special logs that are designed to help ignite wood or to be used with fuels like gas or alcohol.
  • Mantle Shelf—The shelf that is above many fireplace designs.

You can add a variety of accessories to a new fireplace. Some of the features can be integrated into the design of a glass fireplace, and others will need to be purchased separately.

Glass Fireplace Terms to Know

What are some basic terms they need to know before installing a new glass fireplace? Before investing in a new fireplace, you want to know some of the common terms that describe the components. Some main fireplace terms that you should know include:

  • Flue pipe—The vent pipe that allows smoke and gases to escape.
  • Hearth—The surround finishes are installed outside of a fireplace.
  • Mantle—This is the area about the fireplace, which is often finished with a shelf.
  • Firebox—This is the area of the fireplace where the fire is burned.

These are the important components of a fireplace, which might differ some with a glass fireplace design. Some glass fireplaces can also burn alcohol and have a ventless design, which means they might not have a flue pipe or chimney.

There are many different designs for glass fireplaces, and you can choose the perfect one based on your home's design. Contact a glass rectangular fireplace supplier to learn more.