Deck Problems That Can Be Addressed With Deck Repair Services

Posted on: 28 March 2022

Your home's deck can be used for outdoor entertaining, family barbecues, and lounging in the open air, so you shouldn't let your deck fall into disrepair if you want to still enjoy it for many years to come. If any sections of your deck are damaged or defective, you should have them repaired quickly to keep your deck from collapsing or causing other problems. You can hire deck repair contractors to fix some of these common deck problems.

Surface Damage

Damage to your deck's walking surface is one of the most obvious problems that you're likely to spot. Over time, your deck's finish and material could chip, crack, and start to deteriorate. The surface will be even more susceptible to damage if a proper finish hasn't been applied. If the walking surface continues to deteriorate and doesn't get repaired, your deck could become unstable to walk on and may break or collapse in sections when weight is applied, which may result in injuries.

Understructure Issues

The understructure, or framing, of your deck may be damaged from age, termites, or other factors. The understructure may also have been designed and installed incorrectly. The post bases that are stuck into the ground are especially prone to deterioration over time and may need to be replaced to give your deck the structural support that it needs to remain solidly in place. Even if you check your deck's understructure and everything looks okay, there could still be problems that only a trained professional will be able to identify.

Gaps Between the Boards

You may see open spaces in between your deck's boards that gradually seem to be getting wider. This often happens when the wood for your boards becomes drier and shrinks because of aging. As the gaps get wider, people who walk across your deck are likelier to trip. The best way to solve this problem is by having the boards replaced and positioned close to one another so that no more open spaces are present.

Color Fading

Your deck will likely lose its color as time passes, and you might start to see spots and other sections of faded color that can make your deck look like it's of a lesser quality. Deck contractors can apply a new coat of paint or stain to make your deck look newer. Your deck can also be resealed to protect the surface material from moisture and other environmental damage.

You deserve to have the best deck possible for your home, and getting your deck issues taken care of can extend your deck's life. Experienced deck repair contractors know how to fix big and small deck problems and can save you the trouble of doing the repair and maintenance work yourself.