What's Wrong With Your Automatic Door?

Posted on: 1 July 2022

If the automatic door in your building's front entrance opens and closes at random, it may be potentially dangerous for anyone to walk through it. If the door refuses to stay closed during the night, it can allow unauthorized individuals to enter your building. To keep your guests and building safe, repair your automatic door now. Learn more about automatic door problems and how to repair your door below.

What's Wrong With Your Automatic Door?

Automatic doors make it simple and convenient for customers, employees, and vendors to enter and exit buildings. But when an automatic door opens and closes at random, it can be a dangerous situation for everyone inside and outside a building. A broken door can unexpectedly close on someone as they enter or exit a building. 

An automatic door can stop functioning properly for a number of reasons. The door's activation and safety sensors can send out or receive false signals at the threshold. The door can also experience problems with its controller, idler pulley, and timing belt. The mechanisms' electrical components and movable parts may be shorted out or damaged. 

No matter what ails your automatic door, you must repair it soon. 

How Do You Fix Your Struggling Door?

You don't want just anyone working on your automatic door for you. Automatic doors contain intricate parts that may become dangerous if you don't know how to inspect and repair them properly. You want to have a door repair contractor repair your struggling door for you. A contractor can examine and diagnose each component in your door to see why it doesn't work correctly.

The first thing a contractor may do is check the door's sensors. Automatic doors generally use multiple sensors to detect the presence of people and objects. If the sensors are off or blocked, a contractor can reset or replace them. 

A contractor may also replace the door's pulley and timing belt during the visit. Pulleys and timing belts can wear down or fray from friction over time. The belts may become hazards if they suddenly break. 

A repair technician may also inspect the door's control mechanisms for issues. The controller contains electrical wires and contacts that may corrode or deteriorate over time. The control system won't send power to the door if it experiences a major problem. A contractor may need to replace the controller in your door to solve the issues at hand.

Learn why your automatic door opens and closes at random by contacting a door repair contractor today.