Why Installing Rain Gutters Is Crucial For Your House

Posted on: 29 July 2022

Rain gutter installation plays a much more significant role in protecting your home than you might think. Many people don't want to deal with cleaning and upkeep, but there are some excellent reasons to install gutters and some things you can do to make dealing with them more manageable.

Controlling Runoff

When it rains hard, the amount of water running off your home's roof can be significant. Without any way to control the water, it will fall straight to the ground along the side of your foundation or basement and can create issues with water infiltration.

Rain gutter installation can solve this problem by directing the water away from the house and allowing it to drain off. The gutters and downspouts you install can run into a drainage pipe in the yard that will carry the water away from the house and protect the foundation from damage. 

Homes without gutters often start to see cracks and water seepage in the basement over time, and if the water is getting through the walls, there is enough damage that insects can get in, cold and warm air can travel through, and the concrete foundation is weakened.

Choosing Your Gutters

Gutter installation does not have to be difficult, and hiring a gutter contractor to put them up for you can save a lot of time and ensure a quality installation. Seamless gutters are a popular option, and because each section is one long gutter, cleaning them is easier because there are no joints for debris to get caught on.

Long-term maintenance is also lower because fewer joints mean fewer places for leaks to develop. A seamless gutter installation allows you to choose a gutter style and material you like and have the gutters custom-made to fit your home. While aluminum gutters are very common and a good choice, there are also other options.

Copper cutters are an excellent option for an older home, and when installed correctly, they will look great. Over time the copper will weather, but you can leave the patina that develops or clean them to keep the bright shine. 

Gutter Cleaning

With any gutter installation comes the daunting task of cleaning them every year, but most gutter installers offer screens for the gutters to help reduce the amount of material that gets into them. Gutter screens can be added during your gutter installation, or the contractor can come back and fit them later. 

Cleaning the gutter becomes more manageable with gutter screens and often only requires rinsing the screens off to remove leaves and sticks. If you think you need a more compressive cleaning, you can have a gutter service come to inspect, adjust, and clean the gutters when necessary.

To learn more and explore your options, contact a gutter installation service in your area.