How To Blend Your Residential Shingle Roof Installation With Your Landscape Design

Posted on: 23 September 2022

Many people forget to incorporate landscape design into residential roofs. Yet, for a seamless connection between the two, you should create a continuous flow between landscape features and the housetop. The way to make your landscape design blend well with your roof is to consider the shape, texture, color, and accessories.

This article digs deeper into blending the above four factors into your residential shingle roof installation to create a magnificent look.


Roof shingles and landscape design features come in many colors. Therefore, you can choose a roof that creates color continuity with your landscape elements, such as sidewalks and decks.

For instance, use similar paint for the shingles and sidewalk pavers to create a homogenous vibe. Other ways in which landscape and residential shingle roof installation color blend include:

  • Use colored shingles similar to your stone pavers to push the visual focus towards the more outstanding landscape.

  • Choose dark-colored shingles and lighter hues to match a landscape with green vegetation and create a harmonious touch.

  • Choose shingle roofs, especially ones with a brown shade, if you prefer a landscape with foliage.

  • Use gray shingles if you have cut stone pavers, and include the gray hue in the pavings.


Some residential shingle roof installations have a prominent pattern, shape, or line. If you prefer such a roof, accentuate the design with your landscape features to create a balanced connection.

For instance, if you want a metal shingle roof with conspicuous vertical lines, you could plant palm trees to accentuate the structure. Conversely, opt for stone or brick siding for horizontal asphalt shingles.


The appropriate design, color, shape, and placement of accessories differentiate between an admirable and an eyesore space. For example, a well-cited sculpture connects your landscape and residential shingle roof installation.

So, use pots or other accessories that pull out your roof color. For instance, use accessories like terracotta pottery to create a home garden connection.


Some residential shingle roofing materials, such as wood and asphalt, have more texture than others. So, use your preferred residential roof's texture to pull the design on your top into your garden. For instance, red roofs with tile-like shingle designs usually blend well with a landscape with a brick sidewalk.


Your residential shingle roof installation makes up a significant percentage of your home's curb appeal. Therefore, opt for a landscape design that complements your roof's architectural style. You can develop a magnificent connection between your roof and landscape with the four tips above.

If unsure, request help from residential shingle roof installation professionals who will assess your home and guide you to choose the right roof design.