2 Tips For Using Different Colored Shingles For Your New Roof To Help Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal

Posted on: 11 April 2023

If you are planning out the details for your home's new roof installation, you may have been asked what color you would like the shingles to be. Because you may not have really given this question much thought, you may have decided to go with the standard black color that asphalt shingles come in by default. 

However, since the roof is a major part of your home's exterior, you can utilize different colors to change up your home's appearance. Below are just a couple of the ways that you can use different colored shingles for the new roof that can help to increase your home's curb appeal.

1. Choose a Color for the Shingles That Contrasts with the Color of Your Home's Siding

One way you can use the color of your new roof's shingles to improve the appearance is to choose one that contrasts with the tone of your home's siding. Using a dark red for the shingles against the white house can add a richness to the color scheme that will make the tones pop.

You can also use inspiration from the trim of your house, such as using a dark green color with the trim. If you are undecided, the roofer can look at your current color scheme and help you pick out a color for the shingles.

2. Alternate Several Different Colors for Your Shingles to Give the Roof Texture and Depth

Another way you can have your roof make a noticeable fashion statement is to choose several different colors for your shingles. Instead of just one uniform color, pick two or three that complement and contrast one another, such as gray, black, and red.

When you select different colors and have the roofer alternate them in a pattern, it gives the roof a textured appearance. It also creates the illusion of depth that gives the new roof and your home an extra splash of character.

Instead of going with boring, basic black for the color of your new roof's shingles, there are ways to utilize colors to make your home's exterior pop. You could either use a color that contrasts with that of your home's siding or alternate the roof's colors to give it a textured look that gives the illusion of depth. To learn more about color and design options, contact a roofing service to find out what shingles they have to offer for your new roof's installation.

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