Innovative Techniques In Fence Footing Foundation Installation

Posted on: 28 June 2023

If you're like most homeowners, you already know the value of a good fence — after all, fences provide privacy and security and also bring an aesthetic element to the picture. Fortunately, having a great fence is easier than ever thanks to innovations in materials, installation techniques, and digital planning tools. Creating the ideal fence starts with a solid footing foundation, and technology is helping to make the installation process more precise than ever before. One such technological advancement is the use of Augmented Reality (AR). AR tools allow you to visualize the proposed fence line in the actual environment.

Here's what you need to know about how these tools help to ensure the exact alignment of posts and allow you to plan the fence design and post spacing accurately, saving you time and resources during the installation process:

Hydraulic Augers: Speed and Efficiency

The manual digging of post holes can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. By leveraging the power of hydraulic augers, you can automate this task. Hydraulic augers, attached to compact loaders or excavators, can quickly and effectively create deep holes in various soil types. This machinery helps streamline the installation process, ensuring uniform and accurately placed footings.

Use of Pre-Mixed Concrete for Consistent Quality

Pre-mixed concrete is another innovation that enhances the quality and durability of fence footing foundations. It offers consistent quality, eliminating the potential errors of on-site mixing, such as incorrect ratios of cement, sand, and aggregate. By using pre-mixed concrete, you ensure the strength and longevity of your fence footing foundation.

Employment of Post Leveling Tools for Perfect Alignment

The importance of a perfectly level and plumb post cannot be overstated for fence installation. With the advent of laser leveling tools and smartphone leveling apps, achieving this has become easier. These tools offer high precision and ease of use, ensuring your fence posts are flawlessly aligned and level, providing a solid foundation for the rest of the fence construction.

Implementation of Gravel Boards to Prevent Rot

Innovation in fence footing foundation installation isn't just about tools and materials; it's also about techniques that prolong the life of the fence. Gravel boards, which are installed at the base of the fence, are one such technique. They prevent the fence panels or pickets from touching the ground, reducing the chances of rot and pest infestation — this simple, yet effective strategy can significantly increase the lifespan of your fence.

For more information about fence footings, reach out to a local service.