Understanding The Value Of Properly Curing Your Ready-Mix Concrete

Posted on: 13 July 2023

Many people associate concrete curing with drying, but that isn't actually the case. The process of curing concrete is done to allow that concrete to develop the properties necessary for its ultimate purpose. Curing happens after application but before the concrete dries. The drying process allows the concrete to solidify and harden for its final use, but only after the material has cured appropriately to develop proper strength and durability. Here are some things to understand about curing your ready-mix concrete.

Why Does Proper Curing Matter?

You might wonder if curing is really all that important. After all, when the concrete dries, it's solid. That isn't actually the case. When the concrete has time to cure before drying, it provides the opportunity for that aggregate material to adapt, developing greater resistance to cracks, shrinking, and other vulnerabilities. Allowing the necessary time for your ready-mix concrete to cure helps ensure that you get the most from the investment with a long-lasting concrete structure.

Does the Timing Really Matter When Curing Ready-Mix Concrete?

Curing your ready-mix concrete right away after application helps reduce the risk of moisture loss that can interfere with the process. One of the keys to proper curing is maintaining adequate hydration within the concrete for the material to establish the necessary properties. Make sure you allow time for curing when you plan your application schedule.

What Can Affect the Outcome of Your Concrete Curing?

When you plan your concrete application and curing time, give careful consideration to the weather and the actual ready-mix product you use. You may need to allow a week or two of maintaining moisture within the concrete for it to properly cure. Moderate temperatures are ideal, with average humidity levels. If the air is particularly dry, you'll need to account for that and take mitigation steps to keep the concrete from drying out. Not only that but windy conditions can encourage the surface to dry.

Are There Challenges You Should Discuss With Your Ready-Mix Concrete Contractor?

When you understand the importance of concrete curing, you need to then talk with your concrete contractor about any challenges that your project may create. For example, you need measures in place to ensure adequate moisture retention and monitoring. Will your project allow for that? Consider any access control issues or external factors that may interfere with the final results.

Talk with a local ready-mix concrete supplier, such as Puente Ready Mix, today to make sure that you allow for proper curing time with your project.