Important Sump Pump Supplies Needed For Waterproofing Your Basement

Posted on: 1 August 2023

If you keep having problems with a wet basement, consider installing a sump pump to get rid of water before it covers the floor. A sump pump is a form of basement waterproofing that is effective at keeping the floor dry and protecting the appliances you have in the basement. Here's a look at the sump pump supplies and parts needed to put in one of these pumps.

The Basin

The basin is an important part of a sump pump system. This is where water collects while it's waiting to be pumped outside. The basin is placed in a hole, so the installer has to break up the concrete and dig a hole for the basin. These look similar to plastic trash cans, and they come in different sizes.

An important tip about installing the basin is that it needs to be in the lowest part of the floor where water usually collects. It's also nice if it's near existing drains and an electrical outlet, or these will need to be added so the pump can work.

The Sump Pump

There are two basic types of pumps: the pedestal type that stays on top of the basin and the submersible pump that fits in the basin. You can find kits that include the basin, lid, and pump so you'll have all the sump pump supplies needed to install the system except for the drains. You can also buy the sump pump parts individually. Pumps come in different sizes as measured in horsepower and the gallons per hour they can move. Pedestal pumps are often chosen for small basins.

Submersible pumps are better for large basins and when you need to move a lot of water. They usually have more horsepower and are capable of handling larger amounts of water so your basement stays dry. No matter what type of pump you choose, consider a battery backup of some sort.

The Check Valve And Float

The check valve is an important part of the sump pump system that is separate from the pump. This valve goes in the drain to keep water from backing up in the drain and spilling into the basin. The check valve keeps water moving in one direction only, and that's out of the basin to the outdoors.

The float valve is another important part of a sump pump system. This comes with the pump, but it may need to be changed if it wears out. The float rides on top of the water in the basin. When it gets high enough as the water rises, the float triggers the pump to come on and start pumping out water. 

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