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West Sacramento Chili Cook-off c/o Our Lady of Grace School 1990 Linden Road West Sacramento, CA 95691


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1. The cook-off site will open at 4:00 p.m. for registration and set up. A mandatory team meeting with cook-off officials will be at 5:00 p.m. to review rules. The competition chili cook-off begins at 6 p.m. Teams will begin serving chili to judges at 5:15 p.m., so don’t be late. We will have three (3) categories: Best Chili: Restaurant/Caterer, Best Chili: Home Cooks, People's Choice.


2. Teams will be assigned half of an 8’ rectangular table with electrical hookups preparation area. Two teams will share one table. The cooking area will be in a rectangle with all cooks inside the rectangle. 


3. Each team is responsible for all ingredients, utensils and accessories necessary to cook and warm chili. This includes water, cook stove, chafing dish or Crockpot. Event will be held indoors so no outdoor cooking equipment will be permitted.


4. Chili powder and other spices are fine and dandy, but complete commercial chili mixes are not permitted. Thickeners such as corn meal, masa or flour are allowed – so are canned tomatoes, chipoltes and beans. Hate to be this obvious, but no canned chili is allowed ... just sayin’.


5. Chili should arrive at the event at a temperature of no higher than 70 degrees and shall be heated and maintained at a temperature no less than 140 degrees. Please keep chili tightly covered when not serving.


6. All ingredients must come from approved food sources, so it’s absolutely safe for public consumption (No roadkill). 


7. Teams are responsible for setting up and cleaning their stations.


8. All cooking must be done in a sanitary manner. Conditions are subject to inspection by the chief judge. Failure to comply is subject to disqualification of the team. 


9. Chili must be fully prepared before arrival. Minor finishing is permissible on site prior to the event. You should just be bringing your chili up to serving temperature.


10. At no time should you leave cooked chili unattended (for safety and integrity reasons).


11. Teams are encouraged, urged and otherwise motivated to decorate their area, including advertising signage, as long as it does not obstruct the view of other contestants.


12. Each contestant will be assigned a contestant number by the chief scorekeeper and given a styrofoam cup with lid for their chili. An official of the cook-off will deliver the chili entries to the judges for a blind taste test.


13. Judges will announce the West Sacramento Chili Cook-off winner around 9 p.m. The winning team will be presented with bragging-rights, championship belt, and a trophy. The belt must be brought back for the next year's competition. The decision of the judges is final.


14. Each team will donate its chili to the West Sacramento Chili Cook-off for consumption. Each team is expected to dispense their chili to attendees at 6 p.m. Bowls and spoons will be provided by West Sacramento Chili Cook-off.


15. Attendees will select the People’s Choice Award. Attendees will each be given a ticket to give to their favorite chili and/or team. The team with the most tickets wins. It’s up to you to entice them to try your chili and cast their vote for you. The more chili you have, the more votes you can get – but a minimum of 5 gallons is required. People’s Choice Award winner will also receive a nice trophy.



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