Log Home Construction Guide To Materials And Features To Create Your Custom Rustic Estate

Posted on: 21 May 2020

If you have a property with a scenic view, natural features, and open space, adding a rustic home can be the perfect solution to create a custom estate. Log homes are a great choice for your property, and you are probably looking for the right materials and features to include in the design of your home. The following log home construction guide will help you get the right materials and features to complete your rustic estate:

Working With A Log Home Materials Service To Create The Design And Precut Materials

The first thing that needs to be done is to work with a log home service to create the design of the home you want. This process will allow you to choose the different features, and the logs will be precut to the exact specifications of the design. This reduces errors, speeds up the log home construction project, and gives you more options for a custom design.

Deciding Where You Want To Have Exposed Log And Timber Details To Enhance The Design Of Your Home

When you use custom precut log home designs, you will want to choose the exposed features in the design. Some of these features can be custom timber beams that are exposed in the interior of your home, or they can be the logs that make up the structure. With precut log designs, most of the walls will be log systems.

Choosing Custom Carved Logs and Woodwork Features That Will Enhance The Appearance and Design Of Your Home

There are also custom carved features that you may want to add to your home. These features can have rustic designs like plants and animals that add to the scenic theme of your property. These can be features that add to the interior design of main living spaces, or they can be details for the porches, roof design, and other architectural details outside of your home.

Options For Log, Timber and Conventional Balloon-Framed Floors and Roof Systems For Your Log Home

There are also the options that you will want to consider for the framing of the floors and roof systems. When you use precut log home materials, there are several options for these features, which include:

  • Exposed Timber Beams
  • Log Systems
  • Conventional Balloon Framing with Lumber

You will want to talk to your log home materials service about these options and the best choice for the design in different areas of your home.

These are some of the features and materials that you can use in the design of your new log home when building a custom rustic estate. If you are ready to start building a home for your property, contact a log home materials supplier for help getting the materials you need.